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  • Tunable Mini Wallwasher LED strip light
  • Tunable Mini Wallwasher LED strip light
  • Tunable Mini Wallwasher LED strip light
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 wall washer dmx

Product Details

Technical Spec


●Easy to install, you can use aluminum grooves or snaps
●Can do white light, CCT, DMX white light different versions
●Adopt 36° beam angle LED polarized lens. Effectively improve the illuminance value
●With constant current IC design, can support up to 10M without voltage drop
●Lifespan: 35000H, 3 years warranty

5000K-A 4000K-A

Color rendering is a measure of how accurate colors appear under the light source. Under a low CRI LED strip, colors might appear distorted, washed out, or indistinguishable. High CRI LED products offer light that allows objects to appear the way they would under an ideal light source such as a halogen lamp, or natural daylight. Also look for a light source’s R9 value, which provides further information about how red colors are rendered.

Need help deciding which color temperature to choose? See our tutorial here.

Adjust the sliders below for a visual demonstration of CRI vs CCT in action.

Warmer ← CCT → Cooler

Lower ← CRI → Higher


In the lighting industry, the use of wall washing light is very wide, urban building lighting, park lighting, road and bridge lighting, etc., there are wall washing light figure.The traditional wall washing lamp is a hard body wall washing lamp, which requires relatively high installation space, large volume, difficult installation, high cost and so on. With the advent of flexible wall washing lamp, compared with hardware wall washing lamp, the use of flexible silica gel material, good flexibility, flexible size, suitable for a narrower installation space, rich light effect, to meet a richer installation scene, so it is favored.Flexible wall washing lamp adopts high waterproof material to achieve high grade waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics.
Flexible wall washing lamp has obvious advantages in the construction lighting industry, which can not only reduce the requirements for installation space, but also save costs and achieve richer use scenarios.It is not only low production cost, low freight and plasticity,Can save a lot of installation costs and procedures.

We have standard series which use 10mm PCB and pro series use 12mm PCB.Pro seies has IP65 DIY connector also with CCT and DMX wihte light version.Different with other wallwasher strip,our bead angle is narrower,36 degree.Light intensity is up to 2000CD and more lumen at the same distance compare to SMD LED strip.Compare with 120 degree angle of conventional strip light,it has more concentrated lighting,longer irradiation distance,and higher output light under the same luminous flux.Why we say it's better than big wallwasher,it's flexible,installation is very convenient, save the tedious installation steps, save the installation cost.Also good for update and maintenance.

Compared with the ordinary light strip, it has smaller light Angle and better lighting effect. It is used in many cabinets and can replace the ordinary SMD light strip.Led wall washing lamp is more energy saving than the traditional wall washing lamp, large area for a long time can be used for the city to save objective electricity consumption,most project slowly replace the traditional wall washing strip with flexible wall washing strip.And LED wall wash light will not release harmful substances, green environmental protection, will not destroy the environment.

Led wall washer strip has many colors, rich beam Angle, complete color temperature, monochrome,RGB magic light effect,can be controlled through the program, change a variety of wall wash effect, so that the light becomes very colorful. It is suitable for the installation and use of different types of buildings.

If you need to use with other light strips,we can give suggestion.Maybe you also need some high voltage strip,Neon flex for outside decoration,length,power and lumen can make as your requirement!No need to worry about the quality and delivery time,we have our own workshop more than Twenty thousand square meters,complete production equipment and testing machines.The product series includes SMD series,COB series,CSP series,Neon flex,High voltage strip,Dynamic pixel strip and Wall-washer strip.If you need sample for test or any other information,please contact our sales!




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DMX control


cabinet light

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