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  • SPI dream color LED strip lights
  • SPI dream color LED strip lights
  • SPI dream color LED strip lights
  • SPI dream color LED strip lights
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Product Details

Technical Spec

●Infinite Programable Color and Effect (Chasing, Flash,Flow,etc).
●Multi Voltage Available: 5V/12V/24V
●Working/Storage Temperature: Ta:-30~55°C / 0°C~60°C.
●Lifespan: 35000H, 3 years warranty

5000K-A 4000K-A

Color rendering is a measure of how accurate colors appear under the light source. Under a low CRI LED strip, colors might appear distorted, washed out, or indistinguishable. High CRI LED products offer light that allows objects to appear the way they would under an ideal light source such as a halogen lamp, or natural daylight. Also look for a light source’s R9 value, which provides further information about how red colors are rendered.

Need help deciding which color temperature to choose? See our tutorial here.

Adjust the sliders below for a visual demonstration of CRI vs CCT in action.

Warmer ← CCT → Cooler

Lower ← CRI → Higher


DYNAMIC PIXEL SPI is one of the latest lighting control devices which are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Packed with lots of features, like Multi Voltage Available: 5V/12V/24V, Working/Storage Temperature: Ta:-30~55°C / 0°C~60°C and Lifespan: 35000H, 3 years warranty. It is easy to install and use. You can hexadecimal color adjust and program unlimited light effects according to your need.The Dynamic Pixel SPI is a ultra bright pixel string with dynamic pixels,offered in DC 5V,12V and 24V supply voltage. The SPI is lightweight, flexible for decorating and easy to install, the best choice for event decoration or indoor and outdoor advertising display.

The DYNAMIC PIXEL SPI-SK6812 is a very powerful and high-end product that allows the control of light strips with RGBW or RGB 16.8 million colors, in 4 zones and each zone can be controlled individually. It includes many effects to create amazing light shows. The SPI-3516 works with DMX (channels 3 and above) or by using the dedicated program keys. A “free chase” mode permits unlimited patterns to be generated easily. Additional features include: Auto scan, sound activation, speed adjustment, etc…

This super affordable SMD5050 Pixel LED strip is the latest to be released by Dynamic LED, with a waterproof and heat resistant casing it is suitable for outdoor use. The pixel offers an amazing array of LED colors and can be programmed to display a wide range of effects based on your choice (such as chasing, flash, flow etc) with 32bit processor for controlling the output brightness value. It also has 5V/12V/24V voltage options making this suitable for almost any application.  The Dynamic Pixel Strip™ is the premier solution for architectural, retail and entertainment applications. It's sleek form factor allows it to be installed in tight spaces while its modular design ensures that each pixel can be easily removed and replaced as needed. An ideal solution for creating dynamic effects such as chasing, flashing and flowing.




Max W/m






IP Material












Nano coating/PU glue/Silicon tube/Semi-tube




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