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Neon strip on the exterior building

As a 18 years led strip light manufacturer in China,we do not only indoor engineering but also outdoor engineering,most customer will use Neon flex or high voltage strip to decorate exterior wall.Installing neon strips on an exterior building can be a bit complicated, so it’s important to hire a certified electrician or contractor who has experience with neon installations.So we need to do step by step:

1. Assess the building: Examine the building’s electrical system and the location of the neon strip. Determine the installation’s structural needs.

2. Measure the area: Measure the length and height of the outer surface where the neon strip will be installed.

3. Purchase materials: Purchase the appropriate neon strip as well as all supporting materials and tools for the installation.

4. Install the transformer and wiring: To connect the neon strip to a power source, you’ll need to install a transformer and the necessary wire.


5. Securely install the neon strips to the outer wall, ensuring that they are level.

6. Connect the wires: Connect the wires from the transformer to the neon strips, making sure that they are properly grounded and insulated.

7. Check the installation: Turn on the neon strip lights and double-check that they work properly.

8. Secure the installation: Once everything has been correctly installed and tested, secure everything to ensure the neon strip lights remain stable and safe in all weather conditions.

Remember that working with electrical systems includes inherent risks, so having a certified professional handle your installation is always safer.

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Post time: May-26-2023

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